Editions by or about James Ensor

- monographs
- catalogues (solo and group exhibitions)
- articles
- writings by James Ensor
- books with Ensor's writings and speeches
- letters by or to James Ensor: ca. 2000 letters to Eugène Demolder, François Franck, Augusta Boogaerts, etc.
- photographs by Antony and others
- films on James Ensor including a few minutes with the master himself
- ephemera (invitation cards, posters, etc.)

Art history

- a broad section with books on XIXth and XXth century art -symbolism
- les XX & La Libre Esthétique: catalogues, monographs, books by Edmond Picard and Octave Maus
- books on fellow (Finch, Hannon) contemporary artists (Wouters, Spilliaert) and artists who influenced Ensor (Watteau, Goya, Turner)
- books on caricature: Callot, Doré, Grandville, Hogarth
- books by artcritics: Solvay Lucien


Ensor was highly inspired by literature (Balzac, E.A. Poe) and he himself inspired a number of writers (Jean Lorrain). As Ensor was active in the artistic fin-de-siècle milieu of Brussels, he had several writers for friends (Eekhoud, Demolder, Verhaeren, Blanche Rousseau and later Crommelynck, René Lyr).

Cultural History

- ballet and music
- XIXth century socialism (Lebon)
- books on Ostend (iconography, maps)
- books on Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
- philosophy (Taine)
- reference works : texts created around 1900 need to be understood based on the definitions that were used during that specific era, for that reason the following works are at the visitors disposal:

- Larousse XIXième siècle

-Dictionnaire de la langue française by Littré (who once was portrayed by Ensor)


Collectors, researchers and descendants of friends of James Ensor have donated documents (originals or photocopies) to the James Ensor Archief.
There is information about:
- Galerie Georges Giroux
- the Rousseau and Hannon family (Mariette, Edouard and Theo Hannon)
- prints and publications
- Van Campenhout and Evely, James Ensor's printers
- books, magazines and newspapers taken from James Ensorís private collection
- etc.

Magazines and auction catalogues

- XIXth and XXth century magazines with articles on or by Ensor are available
- L'Art Moderne (incomplete)
- Le Coq Rouge
- La Jeune Belgique (complete)
- De Plate (Ostend local lore)
- museum yearbooks
- auction-catalogues from all over the world: Christie's, Sotheby's, Belgian salerooms
- etc....